I worked with Marco Zangirolami during his management of FansLab, he is undoubtedly a brilliant person in solutions and a proverbial, competent and reliable genius and dedication to work.

Daniel Elber

"We have been collaborating for years with the Fonderia Mestieri company with which we have carried out numerous projects in the most diverse fields of application and always with success and mutual satisfaction. A special recognition to Mr. Marco Zangirolami for his undoubted and uncommon abilities in most varied fields ".

David Bonito

I started working with Marco Zangirolami for about a year. Challenging collaboration because you are constantly responding to and / or solving questions, ideas and doubts in the mind of Marco (for friends). Excellent relationship with him and his young but very professional team of collaborators, boys constantly prodded and encouraged to give their best. In Marco's projects stand out the genius, the technical flair, the imagination combined with the realization reality.
Competent and helpful professional, with Marco the collaboration is at 360 degrees.

Walter Maffeo

Fonderia Mestieri S.r.l. it is not just a company: it is an intellectual center, a growth center for young university students led by the expert holder.

Studio Dotta

... I've known Marco since 1988 ...
As a friend and then also as a collaborator, he is probably the most brilliant person I know. When I can't find the solution, he is the lifeline, with his opinions, his skills in all areas ... "but how do you do it? His creativity is extraordinary.

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